The Alexander Theatre is an architectural landmark of Monash University’s Clayton campus. Since opening in 1967, it has played a defining role in the history of performing arts at the University and served as the host venue for numerous local, regional and national performing arts organisations.

The Alexander Theatre is undergoing a major refurbishment. This will include a new interactive acoustic system which will significantly improve the function, presentation and versatility of the Alexander Theatre. It will be a contemporary, flexible performance space that strengthens the theatre’s historical and cultural significance to the University and the Greater Melbourne region. Once the theatre is refurbished, the project works will extend to replacing the Rotunda Building with a new Sound Gallery and Jazz Club.

The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts will herald a new era of 21st century performing arts facilities at the Clayton campus which will further enhance Monash’s commitment to supporting growth in the performing arts in Melbourne’s south-east by providing state-of-the-art facilities to world class professional productions, students, community groups, schools and local residents.


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